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favorite websites


favorite websites

Below are my favorite websites

This site is a very helpful resource for kids K-12as well as graduate students. It’s basically a test prep site. It has a large number of tests to choose. In addition, it has countless questions on the free test prep link. I usually use the common core links, which is arranged according to grade and subjects.

This site offers tutoring services for those interested. It is also arranged according to topics so you can focus on any topics you need help with. It has the teaching and test prep mode. If you are using your mobile device, I would recommend that you click on the desktop view link to easily access the free resources. You can also download a sample to their books for the ACT and SAT and see if it meets your needs. I haven’t used those yet. But there is a lot if practice content on the site. Also, I would recommend that you register (it’s free) so that you can monitor your child’s progress and track scores for work done since there is a lot of content to choose from.

favorite websitesAnother one I like is Click on the web page and click on Go To Non-mobile Site. This works better than the mobile version.

It has the option to practice online or print out worksheets. It’s a free site but logging in is recommended to keep track of scores. This is more for kids k-8. This is purely a practice site. It does not teach.  But kids can practice science, reading, and math.

It doesn’t necessarily follow school curriculum but it’s still good practice. I like that the math has a good number of word problems as kids tend to run away from word problems. I will talk more on that later. Each test has only 10 questions. Kids can practice on as many questions as they like.

favorite websites I love math is fun

It’s a go-to site for my kids when they are stuck on a particular topic and wants a quick easy explanation. Sometimes with the videos, it may take time before the tutor gets to the point. Some kids like the slow build up while others just want to get straight to the point. It all depends on the personality of your child. Need I say these sites are good for teachers too. I love this website because the illustrations and explanations are easy to follow and grasp. It also comes with 10 practice questions after each topic. Good for elementary through high school students.

favorite websites

I use Kuta software and I find that I lot of teachers use these worksheets too. Visit the website and click on free worksheets. You’ll find worksheets from Pre-Algebra to  Calculus.

Math Goodies is another one that has worksheets and teaches concepts. I remember my daughter used this in 5th grade when she was learning subtraction with borrowing with fractions.


favorite websites

My youngest son is now in 5th grade and he loves Jognog. It’s free to register for students. Teachers can purchase it for their students in school but we use the free version at home. This version is limited but even this limited version has a good number to practice exercises which help to reinforce concepts learned in school. concept building. I like that has math, language arts, spelling, science history and social studies and algebra. You move up a level as you practice and it makes it challenging and fun for kids. It’s appropriate for kids grade 2 -12. It can be downloaded and used offline too.

favorite websites

For kids who don’t want just worksheets and want to learn using games, math playground is a good website. I’ve found some websites to be more of the games than actual work but this has really good math games that teach concepts. The word problems are very good too. I’m very particular that kids practice a lot of word problems. It has good logic games too. I know there are so many other good ones. This just happened to be the ones I used.

favorite websitesFrom time to time I print out past test papers of the state’s standardized exams. It helps the kids know which topics they are good at and which ones they need to review more. Type your state’s standardized tests and look for past tests.

Math is cool is another good practice site. It has questions from math competitions for past years but they still serve as a good practice even if you are not preparing for a competition. The test can be printed out in pdf forms and is good for students from 4th through 12th grade. Click on the elementary, middle or high school links for past tests.

favorite websitesThe sunshine math is an enrichment program developed by the Florida education board. It consists of several worksheets for grade levels K-8. The worksheets consist of several challenging questions aimed at reinforcing critical thinking. Each grade worksheet is named after a planet. I recommend these worksheets and they can be found on the links below.  This link has worksheets from K-7th grade. The answer keys are under Parent Resources. This link has worksheets from K-8th grade.


favorite websitesThe Singapore math series is a good practice tool. I have used it and I like the problems. It stretches the kids’ minds.  Children learn concepts by using the modeling methods, which is now being adopted more and more by American schools. has loads of worksheets. Just click on the concept you want to review.

Personally, I just like that the kids take time off from their computers so I like the idea of printing out worksheets.

favorite websites

Khan Academy has become a household name for video lessons. It is always highly rated.  The idea behind this is ensuring that students grasp foundational concepts and the practice of these concepts leads to mastery which I totally agree with. I always tell my kids “it’s not how fast but how well”.


favorite websitesMath nation  is a good website with video lessons as well as worksheets but you have to live in Florida to have access. You have to sign up through your school.

Now speaking of Video lessons, I highly recommend  It has a large selection of lessons from simple arithmetic to advanced algebra. I this is better suited for 4th graders through high school.

Algebra students may also try Paul’s online math notes at I stumbled on this one and I think it’s going to be really helpful for algebra and calculus students.


favorite websitesAnother highly recommended website for those who love video lessons is This site not only teaches concepts but prepares you for math competitions.  For grades 2-5  visit You will find a link for that on their website. The site also has books that go with the lessons. I haven’t used this personally. A friend recommended it. Her daughter used the books and she loves it. was recommended by my son’s math teacher. It offers video lessons for students, grade 6-8.

favorite is another go-to site for my kids. You will find vocabulary terms on virtually all subjects and all grade levels on quizlet. It has the flash card mode or test mode.

Although I try to list free websites as much as possible, I have to add It’s subscription based but I believe it’s worth the investment. it has most subjects and middle and high-schoolers will benefit. I don’t use this personally. I try to stick with the free websites. But I highly recommend it if you don’t mind the investment.  is another subscription based website and it is ideal for middle to college students. It offers college credit on some courses. Like Shmoop I don’t use this yet. I signed up for their free trial version and really liked it.


favorite websites is a really good website for kids grades k-12.  IXL is aligned with school curriculum and it is subscription based. Payment is monthly per subject and per number of kids. It offers math, language art for grades k-12 but science and social studies are from grades 2-5. While I wanted to make this post about free websites, I had to include IXL.  A lot of schools already provide this for their students.

Brain pop is another good website that is usually provided by most schools or local libraries for free.

I know there are still so much more and I will update you as I review them.

 favorite websites



favorite websitesI absolutely love This is a very good website for both teachers and students. This is our go-to website at home. It has very good and challenging worksheets to help children with text structure, grammar, figurative language and much more. And it’s free.



favorite websites

Another go-to website for us is I love this website too. For those days when the kids don’t have homework or are on holidays, I just print out a couple of worksheets for them and voila!, playtime is ruined (just kidding). My children like these worksheets. Some students just can’t get enough and others need some encouragement and coercion. Know what works best for you child so as not to overload them and discourage them as a result.

In my other posts, I’ll  be talking about good study habits.


favorite websites is another good one for grammar and comprehension worksheets.

I also get analogies worksheets from These worksheets are arranged according to different grade levels and are easy to navigate. My daughter enjoys the worksheets.




I’ll keep adding and updating these lists. Just remember. Find what works best for you favorite websitesand your child. The purpose of this is not to overwhelm you but to help your child review and master concepts taught at school.


I’ve spent hours searching the internet for worksheets. This way you don’t need to go through the hassle. Just visit the websites and find which one works best for you and your child.



favorite websites




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  • Shakirah
    8 months ago

    Thank you. I absolutely love the maths and khan academy websites.

  • Shakirah
    8 months ago

    I absolutely love the Khan academy and maths websites. My children love it. Thanks alot!

    • Thanks, sis Shakirah. I’m glad you found the websites helpful. Check back for weekend practice worksheets. I will be posting these on Fridays.

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