Fathers and daughters


Fathers cherish your girls,

Mothers to be good role models to your girls.

Just like the song by John Meyer, Fathers be good to your daughters and mothers be good to your daughters too.

In this digital age, more and more girls are looking to the media to get their identity and sense of self. Unfortunately, we all know the media is full of photo-shopped images trying to pass for beauty standards. Girls feel they need to measure up to these standards and when they can’t, they may end up with low self-esteem or worse depression.

It is important that parents continually let their girls know they are valued and loved. So they don’t look outside and fall into wrong relationships to find their sense of self-worth.

Fathers and daughters

Fathers be good to your wives. Honor and treat them with love and respect. Let your girls see through you, how a lady should be treated.

Take your daughters out to dinner

Take long walks with them and talk or just listen.

Fathers and daughters

Praise your girls always and in public and if you need to rebuke them do in gently and in private.

Play with them

Fathers and daughters 3

Teach them to have courage by encouraging them.


Let them know the can be anything they put their mind to.

Teach them to have character

fathers and daughters

When raising your girls,

Show them what it means to have integrity

Teach them to be confident

But also let them know it’s okay to be afraid sometimes and it’s okay to make mistakes sometimes.

Spend time with them

Fathers and daughters 4

Tell her,

“Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be”   – Clementine Paddleford

Most of all, tell your precious daughters to see themselves not as the world sees but as God sees them.

fathers and daughtersfathers and daughtersfathers and daughtersfathers and daughtersfathers and daughtersfathers and daughtersfathers and daughtersfathers and daughters

Next week wisdom words:     Fathers be good to your boys

2 Responses to “Fathers and daughters

  • Being a good role model is important because it sets the standard for when the daughter begins to date.

    • Thank’s for the comment, Carol. Yes, I believe a father’s love makes a girl feel secure and confident in who she is and she won’t need to look for validation elsewhere.

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