Daily Prayers for Kids




By now you’ll see that the theme of this website it about helping kids succeed in school and in life.


Success means  different things to different people. Success to me is believing in God and following His commandments.



With all that is happening in the world today, it is important we pray for our children before sending them out into the world and thanking God upon their return.



Here are a few prayers I pray for my children. It’s a reminder of different things to pray over our children.


We are to pray for everything concerning our children.

Ask God to be their healer and  refuge against all forms of diseases and physical harm, from accidents, from drowning, and from all hidden dangers.

Ask God to be their refuge from evil morals and desires especially in this age of digital exposure.

Ask God to be their refuge from covetousness and bless them with a heart that is content.

Pray that Gods will be done in their lives.

Release your children to Gods protection every day.

Pray that fear will not take root in their hearts but that they live in Joy and peace.

Pray that their heart seeks  love, righteousness, and truth

Pray that they may receive wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and discernment

Pray for strength and courage over your children, that your children will be able to talk to you about their troubles.

Pray  the ability to listen to your children’s needs and help them appropriately.



2 Responses to “Daily Prayers for Kids

  • Rosana Bryant
    11 months ago

    Will definitely use some of these… thanks for the excellent work and resources Kafi!

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